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"Providing world-class Filipino professionals and other related services to various institutions from different industries."

    Adept in the revolutionary way of making your business a success, PCSI is a consultancy firm which provides IT and Non-IT professionals and other related IT services to a diversified range of clientele. The brilliant people behind the organization combined several years of experience and excellence in their respective fields, answer the clients' needs.

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The biggest names in the business sector known for their worldwide success and reputation have been distinguished our client:

Abbott - Ajinomoto - AVON - Bayantel - BDO - Indra - Blue Cross - Deutsche Bank - Citibank - GLOBE TELECOM - InfoBahn - Pfizer - MERCK McCANN Worldgroup - Kimberly-Clark - RCBC - QBE - Pru Life UK - PIONEER - SMART - Philam Life - Wyeth - Sun Life Financial of Canada - St. Luke's Medical Center

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